Never Forget a Peep

My little girl Eve picks out her own toys and last year during Easter she choose this little pink peep.  Her own toys sometimes disappear into the piles of rescue dog toys and we figured that was what happened.  I feel sad when Eve loses her personal toys.  But, surprisingly, she never really complains. You would think it would be difficult to live in a rescue/home.  Eve was born here and has never known anything different.  This is her life.  She is absolutely the boss at the rescue and both humans and canines are aware of it….like she would ever let us forget!  Eveand her peep (4)

Yesterday, while going through older rescue dog toys, there was Eve’s peep!  The second she saw it she leapt off the chair, barking and came running!  She was so excited to rediscover her peep.  Now she won’t let it out of her site!                                

                                    Eveand her peep (3)

Eve says you can forget a lot of things but NEVER a best peep!

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