A Pittie Position



Starting point done …  deep breath and forward…

I want to say I love pitties and I have  owned one but that sounds a lot like an excuse or disclaimer and maybe it is.  

It is difficult to watch the news and see that another human has been hurt by a “pitbull” type dog.  Even more difficult is the following discussion…the attempts to reason, the attempts to make it seem as if the pittie is the same as any other dog.

A pitbull is not the same as every other dog!  A shih tzu is not the same as every other dog.  A beagle is not the same as any other dog!  ALL dog breeds have differences.  All individual dogs have differences.  Why shouldn’t we honor those known differences to enhance the human/canine relationship?

Do you cringe when you hear that a pittie biting someone is no different than a chihuahua biting someone?  Do you feel guilty for thinking that it is different?  And then you are told that chihuahuas bite MORE than pitties.  Okay probably true but what is the point?

Chihuahua bites are no fun.  They hurt.  Some.  But I really do not remember a chihuahua ever chewing off a human’s arm or leg.  Or it killing a child.  If I am wrong about that, please correct me!

Pitbulls have the strength to KILL.  Their jaws are incredibly powerful.  They hang on when they bite and it is very difficult for them to let go.  They were bred to be strong and tenacious.  They are muscle bound dogs and amazing beautiful.  But their strength can be deadly.

Okay now what?  My personal position…

Pitbull type dogs should not be put in positions of danger to humans, other animals, themselves or their breed.

I do NOT think a Pitbull who has already bitten should be “saved” to possibly bite again.  It is just too dangerous!  What are we willing to risk to save a dogs life?  Are we willing to risk human life?  Would we be willing to take the risk if the human was someone we loved?  Can you accept that it was the child/baby’s fault?  

Pitbulls should be placed, adopted, or sold to responsible people with a clear understanding of this particular breed of dog.  They should have dog experience including dog on dog aggression knowledge.  If we start these dogs out with the right circumstances, they can grow to be wonderful companions to the right person.

If we continue to place pitbulls with whoever has the adoption fee, these dogs will continue to have no training or understanding and will only bring more people in to the anti- pitbull arena which is truly sad.

It is a every shelter and rescue’s responsibility to get these dogs into the right homes!  Scrutinize the adoption applications.  Check the applicants background.  Take every precaution.  Do follow ups!  We have the power and the duty to help this powerful loving dog be at its best!


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